Keywords = Academic Performance
Effectiveness of Cognitive Techniques on Academic Motivation and Academic Performance of Female High school Students in Isfahan

Volume 11, Issue 1, December 2016, Pages 63-80


M.A. Sepahvandi; S. sabzian; Y. Geravand; S. Bayranvand; F. Pirjavid

Relationship between components of learning strategies and academic performance among students

Volume 8, Issue 2, October 2013, Pages 55-72

H. Ghalavandi; J. Amani saribagloo; M. Saleh Najafi; H. Amani

Study the relation between class evaluation in two models of mechanistic and organic by teacher with students performance

Volume 6, Issue 2, May 2011, Pages 61-82

S.E. Jafari; M. Sharoff; S. Ghassemi Tadvani